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Learning & Development

“No act of Kindness, however small, is wasted”

Career Development

Here at Prosperity Children’s Services, we pride ourselves on staff development and growth within the company. We believe that developing staff by focusing on improving skills, capabilities, understanding of therapeutic care and empowering our people is the best way to provide excellent nurture and care to the children in our care.  Our Training and Development Manager develops and leads the delivery of learning and development initiatives, face to face, within teams and remotely, to promote continuous learning, skill enhancement, and career advancement and to help build confidence and personal growth.

We have an established career pathway within our Residential Services.  Our staff also have the opportunity to move within the three different divisions at Prosperity, depending on qualifications and experience.  If you have had little or no experience in children’s residential services, once you have passed your probation, we will enrol you on our Level 3 qualification in Children’s Residential Care.  This helps equip you for your role and also gives you a lifelong qualification to help enhance your career.  You can then progress through our roles to potentially become a senior residential support worker, deputy manager or even a Registered Home Manager over time.

As we are a growing company, the opportunities to progress are plentiful, as are the opportunities to care for, nurture and help shape the future of our children and young people.

CPI - Crisis Prevention

The focus of CPI Safety Intervention Training and CPI Verbal Intervention Training is to ensure that staff gain the essential knowledge, skills and confidence to prevent, decelerate and de-escalate crisis situations, so that restrictive practices can be avoided.

ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder

This course is designed to provide our staff with a foundational understanding of autism spectrum disorder. We will look at best practices when supporting someone with a diagnosis of ASD and relate this to the children within our care.

We will explore the diversity with the autism spectrum and discover available resources and support network for those in our care.

First Aid

This certified course will provide our staff with the core skills needed to help someone when first aid is required.

Ranging from simple cuts and bleeds to life saving CPR and DeFib Training, our First Aid course will give you the tools and confidence needed for when such a situation arises.

Safeguarding Children

This Safeguarding Children’s Course will cover the fundamental areas needed to help identify signs and symptoms of harm and abuse and to gain a fuller understanding of safeguarding vulnerable children.

Health & Safety

This Health & Safety Course will look at the responsibilities and legal requirements of both the employer and the employee, hazards and risks in your workplace, safety signs at work, your working environment and workplace emergency procedures, such as fire evacuation and fire safety.

It will cover staff health in the workplace and key areas of legislation.

Medication Awareness

This course will cover key areas of medication legislation and how this affects us in our role, it will help you understand the roles and responsibilities when administering medication and what procedures to follow.

Meet the Manager

Adam Sanderson – Learning & Development Manager

I’m responsible for the entire staff force and ensuring their knowledge and understanding of how to effectively care for and support the children within our service.

I have spent the last 15 years in health and social care and have a wide range of experience behind me. This gives me further opportunities to develop our staff team while working on shift and gives me firsthand experience of working with our children, making our training live and constantly changing inline with the needs of the service, our teams and most importantly children.

Our educational packages are delivered in line with the National Curriculumlum and we can cover all 4 key stages. We offer private tuition, online learning, educational visits and physical education.