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What we Offer

Our mission is to ensure that every child has access to an education, regardless of need, ability or background.

At Prosperity, we are passionate about providing programmes of education to children and young people up to the age of 18 yrs.

Our team deliver tuition and mentoring, either at the child’s home, online or at our educational facility, whichever is convenient for the child and their family. We support all our children and young people right up until they are ready to transition into mainstream education or a different educational environment.

We have a dedicated team of teachers, teaching assistants and mentors.

Meet the Manager

Alex Marcroft – Head of Education

My responsibilities are to ensure that all children referred to us receive a well-rounded education package and to ensure that the teachers have all the knowledge and tools they need to deliver bespoke weekly timetables to the children we educate.

I have spent around 10 years in education since leaving university. I have taught in both the UK and UAE. I then moved into the social care sector working with children and supporting them in our care homes, before becoming the education lead for Prosperity.

I was shocked by how many children in care were not accessing any education, which led me to the idea of opening up our education department.

Teaching Staff

All teaching staff are experienced and suitably qualified to work with children.

Prosperity follows Safer Recruitment processes to ensure all staff are safe to work with children.


Our programmes of education are based on the National Curriculum, personalised to meet the learner’s age, needs and interests.

Learning Environment

Our Staff provide an engaging, interactive lesson whether this is via online learning or at our education centre. We provide all resources required to deliver creative lessons that meet our children’s needs.

Teaching Assistants

Our teaching assistants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help to promote the children’s holistic development.